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Trendy with a bump: maternity fashion at your fingertips!

Business meetings, events, ceremonies: there are many occasions that a future mother has to face and to feel comfortable in the clothes she wears.
Shop The Look is dedicated to them, a complete maternity look drawn up by the designers from Attesa Maternity.

Casual and sporty combinations ideal for everyday wear, from the office to leisure and suggestions for ceremonies and important occasions, to buy with a click, at prices that are always discounted.
Looks designed to ensure the right mix of comfort without sacrificing style; models and match-ups to be trendy with a baby bump.

All the garments in the Attesa Maternity collection are designed to satisfy expectant mothers’ desire to be fashionable, from the start to the end of gestation.
Choose Shop The Look! Add your favourite accessories and you'll be the star of your maternity fashion.



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